Finished Version
Finally found some time to update my online id. I wanted to combine it with learning modelling and getting better at shading and lighting. so i started with a thick block of 'something' and carved away. 

The idea behind it is that the block can and will be presented in various shaders and materials, it's not meant to look the same over the time but to evolve, the same as my experience evolves. 

The next step after shaping the initial form is to make it watertight and to polish up the 3d model, since it still has some non-planar polys (damn you non planar polys!), which I overcome with subdivisons. 
But for it to be really watertight i need to model it correctly, which means quads, no complex poles, a nice edge flow and so on.  since I am not a pro in modelling this will be by the far heaviest task.

Also it needs to be unwrapped correctly for nice uv shading, which is still not the case as you can see here.
I started with scribbling my ideas on my sketchbook. The first idea was to make an origami-like folding-mechanism, which then evolved into the "carved block" idea and then went further into what it became at the end.
Various steps in the making process.
Of course a logo or ID has to work in all sizes and on all backgrounds so I made simplified versions of it for all kind of purposes.
Thanks for watching. this portfolio will be updated over time.

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