Client: Audi AG
Studio: Madhat
Creative Direction: Mikko Weihrauch
Project Coordination/Head of Content: Thomas Flechel
Artists: Thomas Flechel, Martin Pajak, Dino Muhic, Jochen Braun, Daniel Schulz, Deborah Arp, Daniel Barth, Stefan Laschet, Stephan Guschke
Music: Marco Lehmann
Technical Director: Thomas Lutz & Oliver Kuhlmann
BEA World Festival
1x Gold Best Product Launch
1x Silber Best use of Technology 
1x Silber Best B2B
1x Bronze Best Live Entertainment 
1x Bronze Best Convention
3rd place BEA World Grand Prix

BEA Award 2018
1x Gold Brand Event
1x Gold Production Award

GALAXY Award 2017
1x Silber PR Awareness Campaign
1x Silber Special Purpose Project
1x Silber Special Events Corporate
1x Silber Special Events Product Launch
Madhat asked me to join their team for the 2017 Audi Summit where the new Audi A8 was supposed to be presented on a KUKA robotic arm. On top of that, a 42 meter wide and 7.5 meter tall LED wall had to be animated for the part which was about 6 minutes long.
That part also included a live projection onto the car from different perspectives enveloping it completely in animated content. Therefore, a customized software was written by the amazing programmers @Madhat to calculate the correct projection for each projector.
My parts included about a month of R'n'D with different particle, shading and animation setups and two more months of animation and rendering.
We were given an amazingly huge amount of creative freedom during the layout- & styleframing-phase that resulted in a mixture of the artists’ individual styles in the final show. 
My parts of the show were the quattro sequence depicting the falling onto the 'cloth', styleframing the quattro landscape with the silver pistons, the electrifying-sequence as well as the sensors sequence afterwards, the particle explosion, the digital city and the tunnel sequence right before the finale.
We also had to set up a pipeline for the robotic arm movements so the artists were able to animate it as they like while still maintaining a physically possible arm movement.
My part in the project took about 3 months.
Link to the full event recording at the Audi Media Center page: CLICK HERE
Photos by thomas Flechel
Layouts / Styleframes / RnD / Development phase
During layout-phase we quickly noticed that not all design elements were suitable for usage, because of the wide spectator ranks and the resulting wide range of view angles. 
Spectators on the outer ranks would see a strong parallax between car and LED and the image would only look good from a straight center perspective. (Therefore we unfortunately had to abandon some layouts.)
Thanks for watching!
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