Agency: Atelier Markgraph  

Studio: Raid Films  
PRODUCTION: Katharina Steinmeyer 

Artists:  Marcus Martinez, Dino Muhic, Martin Pajak
Job:  Shading & Lighting, Animation

These 2 full CGI animations were initially created for the Shanghai motor show 2022 but were also shown on the AutoChina Shanghai 2023.
My work was to design and animate the crystals and create seperate animations with them. additionaly some crystals had to be incorporated into the highlight film which was featuring the cgi car, made by marcus martinez. The crystals were rendered seperately and then added in during the compositing.
Matching the look of the car renderings, which were rendered in vray using maya, as well as establishing a working pipeline for everything to sync, was an interesting task, because I was using a different render engine (octane) and 3D application (cinema4d).
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