Client: HONDA

Producer: timo wolf 
Creative Director: Alfredo Picardi Rockenbach
Music​​​​​​​: Wolfram Gruss

Artists: Dino Muhic, deborah arp, Martin Pajak
Job: Shading & texturing of the Honda E and Honda Jazz and lookdev & lighting of some of the scenes, especially the end shots.
I had the great pleasure to shade and texture the new Honda E and Honda Jazz for Serviceplan/HAKUHODO, which are part of Honda's new Electric and Hybrid lines. IN a team of 3 Artists we designed over 35 Shots for the brandfilm and it's different Cutdowns. 
While the Jazz and Honda E were completely digital, live action shots were made from the Honda CRV, though the CRV Logo shot was also done purely WITH CGI.
thanks for watching!

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