Client: kia MOTORS
Studio: serviceplan (frankfurt)

Agency: INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe (IWE)
Producer: timo wolf 
Creative Director: stefanie fritzel

Artists: Dino Muhic, deborah arp
Job: Shading & Lighting of the kia proceed and animation of the photo-realistic shots.
I was asked by Serviceplan frankfurt to work on the new kia proceed reveal film, which was planned to air at the paris motorshow 2018. 
we had the kia stinger video as reference and tried to get a similar style but this time to do it completely in 3d.
my job was to correctly shade and light the car in 3d to get high-res stills and animations for the reveal film. additional line animations for the intro were done by deborah arp.
Done in Cinema4D and rendered in Octane.
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