DETAILS: I was asked by Pixomondo to work on their warpcore shots for Star Trek: Into Darkness. My tasks were the particle effects, which are happening around in the warpcore, specifically the explosion at the end, where Kirk manages to kickstart the warpcode again. A lot of layouts were done, some with Trapcode Particular but also some with TurbulenceFD for a more fluid-like look. 
Since there wasn't yet a pipeline for visual effects using C4D and After Effects I first had to set up one, so the matchmoved scenes can be imported correctly into C4D, from where helper nulls were added and which then got exported to AE for the effects work. Because a lot of shots were shot using a wide-angle lens, the plate had to be undistorted. We then had to work in 8k comps for these shots inside AE and export them for the Nukers in comp department. 
At the end the director JJ Abrams decided that he wants to go with a very subtle look so we used the pre-animated particle simulations as 'drivers' for heat-displacements and light-effects. 
Alltogether I worked on 24 shots for the warpcore sequence. If you are interested to see a more in-depth breakdown of the shots as well as the particle-simulations separately, which were quite strong at the beginning, before they were toned down, hit me an e-mail and I'll provide you with a link.
Director: J.J. Abrams
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Production Overview:
VFX Supervisor: Ben Grossmann
VFX Producer: Richard Mann
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